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Ymir vs Baron Samedi: Odyssey Tier 5 Voting Grand Finals!

Gods & Goddesses!

It’s time for you to choose the Tier 5 skin for this year’s Odyssey! You voted, and two gods rose through a competitive bracket to become our finalists: Ymir vs Baron Samedi.

The Titan Forge team likely will adjust some details of these skins throughout the development process. Skins are presented here with rough detail and color for that reason. Weapons, Deployables, and Special FX are also not pictured, although they will be completely updated to be unique for each form on both concepts.

Vote for the skin that you like best! Only one can be this year’s final Odyssey reward!


In this skin theme, Ymir takes on the form of 3 unique constructs. Each Construct is inspired by a fusion of elemental magic and a type of architecture or machinery. The Earth Construct is a walking fortress supported by roots, stone, and earth. The Fire Construct is a killing machine fueled by fire and lava. The Lightning Construct is a sleek exosuit engineered through arcing lighting technology.

Ymir will be wielding a large one-handed weapon in each form, and his walls and ice spikes will be updated as well.

Divine Constructs Ymir will change forms when he fires his ultimate ability. While this ability charges up, small worker minions will rush to his aid, innovating and upgrading him to his next technological form. He will also be able to change through a special emote.


For Baron’s skin, he will become an elite alien hunter who travels across the cosmos to capture or destroy aliens for the highest bidder. Although his skills are unrivaled, he finally meets his match in a symbiotic alien species that turns the tables on him. Instead of being captured, it attaches itself to Baron, quite literally taking over his body. Players will experience this chilling event firsthand, playing as Baron while he transforms from a skilled mercenary to a bloodthirsty monster.

Baron will wield his signature staff in all three forms. His skulls become hunter drones or alien sentinels. His snake and coffin will also be fully updated to fit the changing theme.

Symbiote Hunter Baron Samedi will change forms as he levels up. As the alien takes hold of him players will see his humanity fade away into horror. Baron’s coffin will take the form of a high tech trapping device. When Baron uses this ability a fleeing alien will be spawned in as part of his visual FX. Once he has become a cosmic creature, his coffin will change forms to a terrifying alien mouth, and a human will be attempting to flee from its grasp.

The Titan Forge team is super excited about both of these ideas! Your comments and artwork heavily inspired these concepts. Plenty of other fantastic ideas were created by the community, and if you don’t see your favorite here we want you to know that it is very likely those ideas will be considered for future skins.

We want to thank the SMITE community for all of their participation in these events. Your input is vitally important to all of the success SMITE has enjoyed over the years.

Go HERE to lock in your pick for this year’s Ultimate Odyssey reward. Voting will close Friday June 7 at 11:59pm ET. Note: You will need to log into a Google account to complete the voting form.

About the game:

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