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ROSE Online, or Rush On Seven Episodes Online was a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game previously published by Korean company Gravity Corporation and developed by its subsidiary, Triggersoft.

ROSE Online – AruaROSE – Free to Play 3D Fantasy Anime MMORPG

Multiple Servers

Pick which version of ROSE Online you want to play: Arua or Classic. With the features we’ve developed and the largest ROSE Online community around, both make for a great choice.

Arua is our unique hybrid which pulls together the very best features of ROSE Online, with the continued expansion of our own.

Classic is the vanilla ROSE Online, often referred to as “IROSE”, which strips away much of the content and features added to the game after 2005.

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Our game was built on the foundations created by the original developers of ROSE Online from 2005. Since then, ROSE Online has seen three different iterations which drastically altered the path in which the game was designed to take. Where possible, we continue to develop the game on the same path in which the original developers intended, whilst also developing our own unique features to remain competitive against other MMORPG games.

Due to popular demand, in 2018 we opened a brand new server which we call Classic. Classic strips away much of the content and features added to the game after 2005. Read on for an overview of both of our servers.

Both servers can be played using the same game client. To switch between servers, select either Arua or Classic on the log in screen.


In 2007, Arua was born in the form of three separate servers: Classic, Destiny, and Hebarn. The difference between the three were only their game rates – experience, drop, and zulie. The way in which our game was set up meant that development proved extremely difficult, and the decision was later made to merge the three servers into the one server which remains online today: Arua.

Arua has remained online every day since the merge took place. Our development team have continued to release regular expansions to the game which has allowed our community to grow and remain stable since then. We are the oldest, most established, and most maintained ROSE Online game which there will ever be and we continue to lead the pack on all fronts.

For a full list of features available on Arua, browse the Features section of our website.


Often referred to as “IROSE”, Classic is ROSE Online in its most vanilla form which strips away much of the content and features added to the game after 2005 – both by the original developers and by us.

  • Formulas: Damage, experience and skill calculations remain identical to the original game, just like on our Arua server.
  • Game Rates: The overall experience, drop and zulie rates are 1x.
  • Item Mall: There are no items in the Item Mall which give any bonus stats or advantage over other players, i.e. it is not “pay to win”. Items are cosmetic only.
  • Level Cap: The maximum level is currently set to 130.
  • Maps: Any changes to maps, such as Adventurer’s Plains and the City of Junon Polis, have been reverted.
  • Skills: Any additional skills, or where the maximum skill level has been increased, have been reverted.
  • Stats: Any change to the effects of stats have been reverted. The maximum stat is 300.

Some features and quality-of-life changes from our development team have been kept on Classic, such as:

  • Achievements: Unlock achievements by completing various objectives.
  • Experience Rates: In difficult level brackets, such as Level 50-70, the experience rates have been increased by up to 50%.
  • Game Arenas: To give players a little fun away from the grind.
  • Party System: If you’re disconnected, your party is saved providing you log back into the game within 12 hours.
  • User Interface: Improvements made to the UI, including the ability to right-click on a player which allows you to perform quick actions.
  • Vending: Shops can remain online even if you turn your computer off, often referred to as “offline vending”.

Core features on Arua, such as the Market Place and Mining & Harvesting, are not available on Classic.

AruaROSE is a Free to Play 3D Fantasy Anime MMORPG based on ROSE Online. Register for free and join the largest ROSE Online community.

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At the core, ROSE Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG. Register for free, download the game and join us in the beautiful colorful world of ROSE Online.