Lost Saga | Video Game

2013 Lost Saga Trailer

Lost Saga is a free-to-play 3D fighting game developed by I.O. Entertainment.


Lost Saga features up to 16v16 player brawls with over 100 heroes to choose from! Build and customize your roster with various types of heroes from spellcasting mages to axe-wielding berserkers to army infrantymen & more!

All heroes fall under a type-category such as:

  • Melee – Swords, Axes, Spears etc.
  • Ranged – Bows, Guns, Blasters etc.
  • Magic – Ice, Fire, Wind, Earth etc.
  • Special – Explosives, Shapeshifting, Puppets, Traps, etc.
  • Premium – Heroes that come from other IPs like BlazBlue™, Samurai Showdown™, Guilty Gear™, God of Highschool™ & more!

You are what you wear! Mix & match every hero!In Lost Saga, the sky is the limit in terms of how you can customize your character. There are over 100 heroes with 3 specific ‘gears’ that can be equipped on any other hero, granting that hero a corresponding ability!

The possibilities are endless! Customize your ideal hero that matches your preferred playstyle; whether you like to get up close to your enemies and lock them down, or poke them from a safe distance using traps and magic to keep foes at bay – you decide!

Crush your rivals online! Defeat powerful bosses with friends!

Master your hero and perfect your combos! Each hero has a unique set of attacks and combos that require dedication & practice to master. Take your combos to the next level with Swamp Combos! During a combo, swap to a different hero and continue the combo! Performing such an advanced combo will require practice, but can ultimately be a game changer.

Slay Monsters in PvE Modes! Rally your friends and venture into the various monster dungeons to earn rewards & experience for your heroes!

Need a break? Relax in a Plaza! You can take a rest from combat in one of the many Plaza maps where you can fish or dig up lost treasure for some extra GP!

… And many more modes to play!